We go together or we don't go down at all
Alex Gaskarth
Alex Gaskarth, aka the leadsinger of the perfect band called All Time Low. This blog is dedicated to him. But, since ATL also contains three other perfect members, I'll blog a bit about them too.

Nothing is mine unless otherwise stated. If you see a picture that's yours and you want credit for it, just send me a message! I'm always willing to give someone credit (:

See a repost on my blog? Read this!!

Thanks everyone for reblogging the post! Please don’t feel bad if your name isn’t on this list. I didn’t want to pick too many blogs otherwise you’ll have a list which is too long.

Anyway, the winners:


○ Best ATL blogs

backseatserenadeatl ~ jagkbaracats ~ lowwtimeall

○ Best edits/gifs

holywaterandcheapwhiskey ~ gcskarth

○ Nicest themes

a-nnaphernelia ~ fall-out-barakat ~ obsessivealltimelowgirl ~ re-storing-force

○ Best URL’s

alexwilliamsasskarth ~ lucifish ~ dontfgkngpanic ~ aaustin-carlile

○ My favorite mutuals

fuckyeahitsalexgaskarth ~ 6guts

○ Best posts

jagksbarakitty ~ jackbarakatofficial ~ of-lyrics-and-men ~ abitimelow

Thanks for participating! (: It took me a lot of time to look through all of the blogs (I even followed 2 blogs) but it was fun to do.

Promo time


Let’s do this on a different way than I usually do. With categories!


• Must be following me

• Likes don’t count

• Reblogging multiple times does NOT work. Your note only shows up once

• Must get at least 60 notes

• You’ll get promoted to 13,4k

• You must be a band blog

• If you make edits, make sure you have a link to them on your blog

• It ends on Friday morning (I’ll post a warning like an hour or so before it closes)


○ Best ATL blogs

○ Best edits/gifs

○ Nicest themes

○ Best URL’s

○ My favorite mutuals

○ Best posts

Good luck!