We go together or we don't go down at all
Alex Gaskarth
Alex Gaskarth, aka the leadsinger of the perfect band called All Time Low. This blog is dedicated to him. But, since ATL also contains three other perfect members, I'll blog a bit about them too.

Nothing is mine unless otherwise stated. If you see a picture that's yours and you want credit for it, just send me a message! I'm always willing to give someone credit (:

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Am I the only one who thinks Jack should be the frontman bc he’s already more popular than Alex


Yes you are and that will never happen.


true life yesterday zack merrick was randomly at my warped date and we took selfies and i got to hug him i’m so happy

@LisaNoelRuocco: Peace out, America!

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22/50 pictures of Alex Gaskarth x

Not sure if dan and phil's show got fixed or not yet but I saw someone else post on here that the radio show is only skipping on fullscreen so try that. It's been working for me ever since I took it off fullscreen!

I never have it on full screen haha. Only zoomed in a bit. But it keeps skipping here. Sometimes it doesn’t do that for a minute and sometimes it does it every 5 seconds or so.

Yes ;-; I’m going to like cry because it’s so frustrating

I thought it was just my laptop since they didn’t tweet anything about technical issues. But it’s not really watchable like this since it annoys the fuck outta me.

(I deleted the other post bc I thought it stopped but no -_-)

Anyone else who has problems with the D&P radio show? It keeps skipping parts, replaying other parts and skipping again and it’s fucking annoying.