We go together or we don't go down at all
Alex Gaskarth
Alex Gaskarth, aka the leadsinger of the perfect band called All Time Low. This blog is dedicated to him. But, since ATL also contains three other perfect members, I'll blog a bit about them too.

Nothing is mine unless otherwise stated. If you see a picture that's yours and you want credit for it, just send me a message! I'm always willing to give someone credit (:

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@riandawson: Part 2 of red carpet. This one is rough to watch. @JackAllTimeLow the way he really is.

Send me 2 bands and I’ll say which I like better.

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THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR FANS. love you guys so much. Huge thanks to and ! What a great night. Love all of you guys.

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alex at the apmas

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  Anonymous said:
This is such and old topic but did Alex really smoke weed bc he said that wasn't him I never saw the picture so :/

I have no idea. I’ve seen some people spreading rumors talking about it but since they don’t know them personally, I don’t fully believe it. So I’m not much help, sorry!

  Anonymous said:
your blog is so cool like i cant right now! I admit i accidentally clicked on your URL but i'm SO HAPPY I DID!