We go together or we don't go down at all
Alex Gaskarth
Alex Gaskarth, aka the leadsinger of the perfect band called All Time Low. This blog is dedicated to him. But, since ATL also contains three other perfect members, I'll blog a bit about them too.

Nothing is mine unless otherwise stated. If you see a picture that's yours and you want credit for it, just send me a message! I'm always willing to give someone credit (:

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this is alex with the cookies i made him. he was so happy :) i love him so much

That was unbelievable! What an amazing night. Thank you all so much for coming out and supporting the cause. Brought tears to my eyes. Xo

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Does anyone know the new gif limit? Because I’ve seen people saying different things

thanks for the help


i’m sick and tired of false devotion, devote yourself to moving on

  Anonymous said:
Jack Barakat or Alex Gaskarth?

Also sorry to you too because fuck tumblr :c